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Junk Removal & Hauling
Services in Doylestown

JDog Junk Removal and Hauling are always ready to help with any junk removal needs. Whether amid a remodeling project or a storm that has left your yard in a terrible state, JDog Junk provides the highest level of professional service like no other.

Besides offering services in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, the staff at JDog Junk include Veterans and Military family members who live in and are a part of the local community. It’s also easy to locate our office at Ashland St.

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Areas We Service

Jdog Junk Removal and Hauling services

We offer junk removal solutions, labor services, and minor demolition for your home or business.

We can also handle everything, from clearing your garage to removing large objects your local garbage hauler cannot take. No matter their location on the property, we will remove your unwanted items without you having to lift a finger. Thus, saving you time.

The Junk Removal Doylestown based company can handle tasks of all sizes and forms. When you engage our junk removal service, you can expect courteous help and support from real experts.

With our quick, dependable junk-hauling services, we hope to make your life easier. We are experts at what we do, so your waste will be out of your property and your mind in no time.

We proudly serve this wonderful community with respect, integrity, and trust. We also hope that hiring our company will make you feel good about supporting the local Veterans.

Our Approach
to Junk Removal

Before performing any duties, we train our team and verify their background since Junk Removal Doylestown can be a challenging task that demands professional conduct.

That said, we handle the entire operation with the utmost care to prevent damage to your property. Our staff members have extensive training in the safe loading of items into the truck and the secure handling of the junk removal truck. This helps to prevent damage to driveways and other property. We emphasize providing friendly customer service and successful completion of tasks.

JDog Junk is dedicated to environmental conservation. We make every effort to donate or recycle your unwanted things when possible. We dispose of non-reusable and non-disposable waste in the most responsible way to reduce our carbon footprint.

We also give straightforward pricing and flexible scheduling while exceeding your service expectations. Whenever you need help with a clean-up, move, or storage, you will only regret not calling us sooner.

Locally Owned

What Makes Jdog Junk Removal & Hauling Services Different

Veterans and military family members run our local businesses, providing their services with military values such as integrity, respect, and trust. We adhere to the traditional customer service model and attend to each client’s needs to ensure excellent outcomes and positive experiences.

Just point out the material that needs removal when we arrive, and we’ll get to work. We treat your home and valuables with professionalism while moving the trash. You can feel at ease with the process and reassured that true professionals are handling the task.

Whether you have worn-out items or need the removal of some items from your house or company, call our experts at JDog Junk. You won’t have to lift a finger because our helpful, skilled team has the necessary tools and vehicles to remove your junk.

Doylestown Leadership Team

Jay Pedraza Location Manager
Jay was born and raised in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Sharon Hill with his fiancé. He was hired with JDog in 2020 as a crew member and has been an advocate of the JDog mission since day one.

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